Sunday, August 31, 2014

Soloist with the Great Lakes Chamber Orchestra

I'm pretty excited for these recently added upcoming events!

I will be performing as a soprano soloist with the Great Lakes Chamber Orchestra and their new Music Director, Libor Ondras, this December 18 & 19, in Petoskey, MI
Vivaldi's Gloria & Händel's Messiah: Part 1


I will also perform as a soprano soloist with the Great Lakes Chamber Orchestra and Kent Philharmonic Orchestra combined, at St. Cecilia Music Center in Grand Rapids, MI, with Libor Ondras. This will be a 100 years celebration of Grand Rapids Community College and I'm so excited to return as an alumni on March 20, 2014. 
Beethoven's Symphony No.9 

*For more info and specific performances times, please check the page UPCOMING PERFORMANCES on my website: 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Shattering the Mirror - Fairy Tale Song Cycle

Shattering the Mirror: A Fairy Tale Song Cycle is an hour-long musical theatre piece that adapts eight classic Hans Christian Andersen and Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales and brings the stories to life through the perspective of a single character within each song. The music for the show combines elements of popular and classical chamber music to bring the poetic adaptations of the stories to life.
(Recorded live April 27th 2014 at the Keene Theatre in Ann Arbor)
I'm so proud of this!! This was my first time to cast (along with my colleagues), work very closely with a composer, prepare, coach, and conduct a completely new work for chamber orchestra and singers from scratch! It was fully staged, recorded live, and we presented three public shows in April, 2014 at the U-M Keene Theatre. It will be out on DVD soon, if you are interested, but for now you can listen to some tracks on the above link. The show was directed by James Schmid, composed by Zac Lavender, script by Ryan Widner, and the poetry libretto was written by Melissa Golden, all U-M students, which includes all the singers and orchestra!!!! What an unforgettable time this was, and I cannot wait to conduct the next theatrical work!!! BRAVI TUTTI!!!